$4 Million in 12 Days

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Step 1: Empathize. What is the problem? + Step 2: Define. Deeply understanding the problem.

In June of this year, our organization (Global Impact) was tasked with building a donor platform for a group of nonprofits, GERC (the Global Emergency Response Coalition). The goal was to raise funds to combat the unfolding and severe issue of famine in the horn of Africa.

Step 3: Ideate. How can we solve the problem?

Our software team used a rapid build process to quickly stand up a custom application to accomplish this. I was responsible for laying out and building the interface for the app.

Step 4: Prototype. Show an MVP than can solve the problem.

There were multiple handoffs and conversations between developers & designers on our team and PMX & Porter Novelli, bridging the gap between the disciplines.

Step 5: Test. Do real users feel like this would solve the problem?

We used development, design, and UX to assist in raising just over $4 million dollars in under two weeks for the campaign.

Our tool belt: Atom, GitHub, HTML5/CSS3 (including Sass)/JS, Ruby on Rails, Amazon S3 (as well as Cloudfront and Route 53), Heroku, and Photoshop.