40 Client Sites in 3 Months

MonkDev is a team of web experts who manage, design and build custom sites for (mostly) nonprofits. With an amazing proprietary CMS and a great set of tools to go along with it, Monk turns out web standards based designs for scalable, dynamic websites.

I worked with the Monk software team on an extended contract to build out and deploy some of these sites. Because of the fact that this was a custom web-application CMS, I had to carefully craft pages and front-end page components based on the undergirding dynamic programming language Monk chose.

Working remotely from Nashville with the Monk employees in San Diego was an amazing experience. I learned so much about remote collaboration, sharing assets and checking in code on a distributed team. Some client requests were small, but most took a week or weeks to implement during the course of my contract.

Project takeaway: Customizing and building out dynamic UI components for over 40 client sites during the few months of this contract.