Remote User Testing: More Important Than Ever


User testing through a worldwide health crisis? Can it be done?


I would argue that virtual UX & UI prototyping and interview/research tools have never been more important. Katryna Balboni of User Interviews spoke with 6 professionals this year about how they’ve been conducting user studies.

Along with the toolset User Interviews offers, I’d like to share some of my favorites:

      1. Maze
        Maze gives you quick rapid testing for your prototypes. It’s free for 1 seat but only $25/seat for teams.
      2. Userbrain
        For $35/test, Userbrain will test and record a 5 to 20 minute recording of your product, following the task assignment you give them.
      3. Crazy Egg
        Crazy Egg has audit tools, multi-variate and A/B testing, as well as customer analysis observation tools. It’s $24/mo and up to enterprise-level support.
      4. Hotjar
        Heat maps, surveys, user feedback. Starting at free or $39/mo for 100 sessions/day; Hotjar is a favorite and has business and agency plans.
      5. Other (more expensive) tools
        There’s UsabilityHub with free tests (2min) but quickly jumps to $79 (5min) and then to $199 (unlimited time) as well as bespoke pricing. UserZoom has unmoderate & moderated testing for unlimited collaborators & 2 researchers ($500/mo) and you can test native apps (plans get pricey pretty quickly). For ultra-native testers, there’s UXCam with heatmaps, session replay, crash recording, etc for Android & iOS (pricing is not listed).

We are still adapting to this new world where a good portion of the workforce has gone remote, but to thrive … we have to continue to innovate!

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