Rest Day

Ok, technically tomorrow is rest day as well  … but since tomorrow includes traveling, checking in, and psyching myself up … I’m just going to say this is rest day.

I’ve been in Colorado for about a week now allowing my lungs to get used to the mountain air. Breathe in, breathe out. Rinse and repeat.

It’s been a gorgeous weather week and I’ve had some amazing mini-training seshes here along with great family hang time. I’ve also become good buds with, Pollo, my brother’s family dog 🐶 and taking morning walks with him that look like this:

So now, on to Buena Vista where the race will begin:

TRR overview

Above is an overview of the race 🏁

Basically, it’s a 120 mile, 6 day, 20,000 ft gain run. And yes. I am a bit nervous about this, if you were wondering …

Ok, back to packing!


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